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Participating Pharmacies-Medications (Non-Controlled Substances Only) Take Back List

Return unwanted medications (non-controlled substances only) to participating pharmacies. Some pharmacies are willing to accept unwanted medications at no charge if the they are in the original container with the name of the medicine clearly visible; are in a container that is not leaking and is capable of being sealed; have all patient information removed or obscured; and are not controlled substances.

Fred Meyer Pharmacy 401 N.W. 12th Avenue 360-666-5133

Safeway Drugs 800 N.E. 3rd Avenue 360-834-7933

Fred Meyer Pharmacy 16600 S.E. McGillivray Boulevard   360-260-3333
Fred Meyer Pharmacy 2500 Columbia House Boulevard  360-619-7000
Fred Meyer Pharmacy 7700 N.E. Highway 99  360-699-8133
Fred Meyer Pharmacy 11325 S.E. Mill Plain Boulevard   360-253-7086
Fred Meyer Pharmacy 7411 N.E. 117th Avenue   360-896-3533
Fred Meyer Pharmacy 800 N.E. Tenny Road   360-571-2573
Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital - The Apothecary 2121 NE 139th Street #310  
Mill Plain Medical & Pharmacy 8614 E. Mill Plain Boulevard   360-253-4367
Longs Drug 14300 N.E. 20th Avenue, Suite 202  360-571-2380
Rite Aid Drug Stores 11505 C N.E. Fourth Plain Boulevard  360-254-3108
Rite Aid Drug Stores 13511 S.E. Third Way   360-885-0839
Safeway Drugs 408 N.E. 81st Street   360-574-8824
Safeway Drugs 3707 Main Street   360-993-8604
Safeway Drugs11696 N.E. 76th Street   360-944-2665
Safeway Drugs 13719 S.E. Mill Plain Boulevard   360-891-4254
Safeway Drugs 13023 N.E. Highway 99, Suite 1   360-566-7986
Safeway Drugs 6700 N.E. 162nd Avenue   360-944-2680
Safeway Drugs 6701 E. Mill Plain Boulevard   360-992-5726
Safeway Drugs 408 N.E. 81st Street   360-574-8824
Safeway Drugs 6711 N.E. 63rd Street   360-992-5686
Safeway Drugs 2615 N.E. 112th Avenue   360-449-5205
Southwest Washington Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy  420 NE Mother Joseph Place 360-514-2294

Longs Drug 3307 Evergreen Highway, Building #4 360-335-9255
Safeway Drugs 3307 Evergreen Boulevard 360-335-2000


This information was compiled from information provided by each agency or business and is updated periodically. Although local government staff has attempted to include as many Clark County recycling listings as possible, these resources should not be viewed as a comprehensive list. Due to space limitations, most businesses located outside of Clark County have not been included.

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